General Information


Has it been decided who will be appointed as COA manager?

No, the decision has yet to be made.

Can I freely choose a notary?

Aside from their legally defined tasks in accordance with the Federal Notarial Regulations (BNotO), notaries act primarily as neutral legal advisers for both contract parties. We therefore recommend that the drafting of the condominium declaration and the individual notarisation of the sale and purchase agreement should be entrusted to one and the same notary. In addition to the certainty in regard to legal contents (concerning the property) that notarisation offers, using just one notary ensures an optimised, efficient process. The sale and purchase agreements will be notarised by this notary: Notariat Michel & Partner, Dr. Erik Bettin, Potsdamer Platz 9, D-10117 Berlin.

Is the completion date of 31/12/2022 guaranteed?

Is the completion date of 31/12/2022 guaranteed?
Yes, the date of 31/12/2022 is guaranteed in the sale and purchase agreement.

Have the condominium regulations already been drafted?

Yes, they have, and we will gladly make a copy of the condominium regulations available to you upon request.

May I use my private garden for garden parties?

Yes, you may. But please be sure to observe the statutory rest periods, and/or consider inviting all of your neighbours as an effective way to ensure they are not bothered by it.

May I rent out my underground parking spot?

Yes, you may rent out your underground parking spot if you so choose.

What about keeping pets at the Pan&Co?

You are welcome to keep small harmless pets. However, you should make sure that they are kept in a manner appropriate to their species and that they pose no nuisance (e.g. noise and/or odour) to the building’s other residents.

Does the number of car parking spots depend on the size of your flat?

No, it does not. Due to the structural design of the building, the officially approved planning application allows us to create 29 car parking spots and one motorcycle parking spot, which means that not every flat will have a private underground car parking spot.



How good is the mobile phone coverage at the Pan&Co?

The Pan&Co offers excellent indoor and outdoor coverage for all mobile network providers and strong signal for all 4G networks.

I prefer to get around via my bicycle, means of public transportation and car sharing. What are my options at the Pan&Co?

The downtown borough of Mitte is about 5.5 km away, a cycling distance of about 20 minutes. The “Vinetastrasse” underground stop lies within walking distance (about 8 min.), from where a 10-minute ride on the U2 line will take you to Alexanderplatz in downtown East Berlin. A walk of roughly ten minutes will take you to the “Berlin-Pankow” station, where rapid transit (S2 line) and regional trains (RE5) will take you to the central railway station in about 10 minutes. In addition, several car sharing stations are located in the immediate vicinity of the Pan&Co, including “Volkswagen Financial Services | Rent-a-Car” and “Flinkster – Mein Carsharing.”

How well is the Pan&Co project received in the neighbourhood?

Our experience so far has been that some of the potential leads getting in touch with us live directly in the neighbourhood. It is reasonable to conclude therefore that our new-build construction project is drawing attention and inspiring dreams, as it resonates with people who know and appreciate the benefits of this location.

Is there a DHL parcel locker near the Pan&Co?

The nearest parcel locker, Packstation 234, lies within walking distance, about 1 km away, and is also conveniently reached by car (parking available on site).

Where can I keep my bicycle at the Pan&Co?

You may leave your bicycle either in the bicycle storage room in the underground car park or lock it to one of the many bicycle racks in the inner courtyard.



How do I reserve a given flat?

The first thing we do once you have made up your mind to buy one or several flats is to check the continued availability of the respective unit or units. Assuming availability, you can then reserve one or several flats. If you decide to move ahead, we will send you a corresponding reservation agreement or file it in your personal data room. After you returned the signed reservation agreement including a copy of your identity card, you have three business days to transfer the due reservation fee of €3,000 per flat into our bank account as detailed in the reservation agreement. Once we have your documents and received your payment, your reservation will be confirmed by us. After that, your reservation will be good for a period of four weeks.

What are the next steps for me after the reservation?

You can principally make a binding reservation for a flat that will be good for a period of four weeks. The obvious advantage of doing so is that the flat will no longer be accessible to other prospects. The four-week period gives you ample time to sort out all issues with our sales consultant, to review all relevant documents, and to obtain financing for the acquisition (if needed).

Will the reservation fee be refunded once the deal is closed?

Yes, it will. The reservation fee will be refunded after successful notarisation (subject to an adequate processing time) and after the reservation is cancelled (or after the expiry of the 28-day reservation period at the latest). We advise you to hold back on a reservation until you are absolutely sure that you will actually buy the respective flat.

When and in what form will the interior design session take place?

Following the notarisation of your condominium acquisition, we will discuss the interior fit-out of your flat with you during a personal interior design appointment in our in-house interior design room. The session will be facilitated by a 3D configurator, to which we can also grant you convenient access from home, upon request. You will have the opportunity to select the fit-out choices that best suit you from a carefully compiled catalogue of product options. This will be complemented by the live experience of actually seeing and feeling a variety of fit-out items in our interior design showroom. Any bespoke requests you have we will also be glad to check in terms of their technical feasibility.

Financial Aspects


What is the price for an underground parking spot at the Pan&Co?

Underground parking spots at our Pan&Co property sell for €35,000 each. If required, you can have an EV charging station installed as a payable extra option that you are welcome to discuss with our manager for bespoke design features during your interior design appointment.

What is the selling price for flats at the Pan&Co?

Prices vary and depend on a wide variety of factors. For instance, the location of a given flat on the property, within the building, and on a certain floor will be reflected in the selling price. Another influencing factor would be your choice of a unit with private garden or roof terrace. The building will be finished to a high-end construction standard (with the penthouse flats to be even more luxurious), and the interior fit-out is open to bespoke design options that you may choose to add. The best time to do so will be your personal interior design appointment after the notarisation of the deed. Prices for these handsome flats range from €5,855 to €8,531 per square metre in 2020. On 1 January 2021, the prices will be raised by about 2% on average.

What will I have to pay in incidental acquisition costs?

The real estate transfer tax rate in Berlin equals 6% of the selling price. Around four to six weeks after the acquisition, you will receive a real estate transfer tax notice from the competent inland revenue office. Be sure to pay the real estate transfer tax dues by the deadline stated therein. Once you have done so, the inland revenue office will issue a clearance certificate as a receipt of sorts, and will send it as proof of payment to the competent notary, prompting the notary to authorise the transfer of title to you. Other incidental acquisition costs include the fee charged by the notary for his or her services, as well as the costs of the district court for various land register entries associated with your property acquisition. You should set aside the equivalent of 2% of the selling price toward these cost items. All in, the incidental acquisition costs add up to about 8% of the notarised selling price.

How much equity capital will I need to pay down to buy a flat at the Pan&Co?

This depends on many different factors. You should discuss this question with your bank or another financial institute.

Which subsidy programs of the KfW development bank do I qualify for?

. KfW 124: This program sponsors the acquisition or construction of owner-occupied homes.
. KfW 153: This program sponsors energy-efficient developments, specifically the construction or acquisition of a new unit built to a KfW energy-efficiency standard.


What safeguards do I benefit from when buying a flat yet to be completed?

You will pay instalments in sync with the progress of development, and only after a priority notice has been entered into the land register on your behalf. We exclusively use non-bank financing, so that the land is not encumbered with a mortgage. This means neither land charges nor mortgages come into play whose repayment would be prioritised. You will be buying an unencumbered piece of property. Moreover, you will retain 5% of the total selling price and transfer the amount to us only after we handed the flat over to you.

When will a provisional budget become available?

According to the condominium declaration, you should expect a monthly flat rate in the amount of €2.50 per square metre for the time being. This figure will remain valid until the first budget has been drafted by the COA manager and approved by the condominium owners’ association (COA).

What are the monthly costs to be expected? How high will the condominium fee be?

According to the condominium declaration, you should expect a monthly flat rate in the amount of €2.50 per square metre for the time being. This figure will serve as benchmark until the first budget has been drafted by the COA manager and approved by the condominium owners’ association (COA). The actual amount of the condominium fee will depend on the final budget calculation by the COA manager, which will yet have to be approved by resolution of the condominium owners at a condominium owners’ meeting. The term “condominium fee” denotes the monthly advances that the condominium owners pay into the COA’s bank account in order to cover ongoing operational/administrative costs such as electricity costs, waste disposal costs, administrative overhead, etc., but also to set aside money toward the maintenance reserve.

M&E Engineering and Construction Project Management


What kind of Internet connection is available at the Pan&Co?

The flats at the Pan&Co will be equipped with classic copper cabling.

What exactly is the “KfW55 sustainability standard”?

The so-called “KfW efficiency house 55” is a building with particularly low energy consumption. It is based on a construction and refurbishment standard defined by the state-owned KfW development bank. In a nutshell, a “KfW efficiency house 55” requires only 55 percent as much energy as a building that meets today’s minimum requirements for new-build houses. This is why industry experts reference it as benchmark building for the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). The best way to make a building meet the KfW 55 standard is to focus on efficient thermal insulation and renewable energy heating.

Does the Pan&Co meet the KfW55 sustainability standard?

Yes, our development meets all criteria of the KfW 55 sustainability standard for new-build construction.

Will the Pan&Co offer handicap-accessible flats?

Handicap-accessible is not the same a wheelchair-accessible. The flats will neither fully satisfy the DIN 18040 standard, nor will they be fully wheelchair-accessible in accordance with DIN 18040-2. The flats can be reached and accessed in accordance with the requirements of Berlin’s building code for handicap-accessible units. They will moreover satisfy handicap-accessibility requirements in regard to turning radii inside in accordance to the Berlin Building Code, including the balcony access. The lift will not be fully handicap-accessible in accordance with the DIN 18040-2 standard. But even this area will meet the specifications of the Berlin Building Code.

Does the Pan&Co feature disability-compliant flats?

Sorry, we are afraid not. However, the handicap-accessible flats can to a certain extent be adapted to the specific needs at issue.

What exactly is a combined heat and power plant?

A combined heat and power plant represents a highly efficient small power plant that uses combined heat and power (CHP) generation together with a modern gas-fired cogeneration plant to produce heat and electricity. The condensing CHP scheme at the Pan&Co uses natural gas as fuel and achieves a high overall efficiency of over 90%. It is marked by low noise and carbon emissions, and it meets the requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), as amended, and the strict KfW-55 sustainability standard.

Which noise abatement standards does the Pan&Co meet?

All common-part areas and all residential units meet the latest DIN standards (DIN 4109, as of January 2018). With doors and windows closed, your flat will feel like an oasis of tranquillity.

What about fire prevention and protection at the Pan&Co?

A fire safety concept was drafted for fire prevention and protection. It was reviewed by an independent test engineer, and satisfies all the requirements stipulated by the Berlin Building Code. In addition, the test engineer conducts random check to monitor the construction work and to ensure its compliance with the tested fire protection concept.

Will the Pan&Co provide parking spots equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles?

Pre-installed EV features in the underground car park will include electric wiring and meters for 15 type 2 charging stations with a charging capacity of up to 11 kW / 400V. Even after acquiring your flat, you may buy an EV charging station as an add-on feature.

How do the EV charging stations work?

There will be 15 underground parking spots that can be fitted with an extra EV charging station. An electric load management system coordinates the charging output based on the number of plugged-in vehicles and the available capacity. While every EV parking spot could be occupied by a plugged-in vehicle, the charging speed varies depending on the total capacity utilisation in the underground car park.

Can you use a transponder to open the gate to the underground car park automatically when returning home?

Yes, that is an option.

Does the Pan&Co feature a solar array?

Sorry, we are afraid not.

How are the flats at the Pan&Co secured against burglary?

The Pan&Co will feature a locking system that meets adequate safety standards. Standard features of the apartment entrance doors include RC2 burglary protection, which can optionally be upgraded to meet the RC3 resistance class standard.

What materials go into the construction of the Pan&Co?

Shell and core of the Pan&Co consist mainly of reinforced concrete and calcium silicate brick masonry. All of the materials we use are tested according to strict criteria in advance. For instance, each building block must, above all, satisfy requirements in regard to structural safety, noise abatement, thermal insulation as well as fire prevention and protection.

I love the large basement storage rooms at the Pan&Co but need even more space. Is there a way to buy a second basement unit?

Each flat is assigned one basement storage room each, so that there is unfortunately no way to expand the assigned unit in the basement or to acquire a second unit.

Is my basement store room heated?

No. The basement storage rooms are not equipped with radiators.

I found the apartment of my dreams at the Pan&Co There are just a few minor things I’d love to change. Is that possible?

While principally an option, special requests must, of course, be technically feasible. Following the notarisation of the condominium acquisition, you will discuss the fit-out of your flat during a personal interior design appointment. You will have the opportunity to select the fit-out choices that best suit you from an extensive catalogue of product options. We will also be glad to check any bespoke requests you have in terms of their technical feasibility.

Can I design the floor plan according my own ideas?

You can principally design your flat according to your own taste. But if you wish to change the floor plan, your ideas will first have to be checked by an architect and/or structural engineer for feasibility. Load-bearing walls serve structural purposes, and they may neither be moved nor removed. The positions of drinking water and waste water risers are also fixed in place. Bathrooms and kitchens must therefore be located in immediate proximity to these risers/pipes. The best thing for you to do is get in touch with us so that we can discuss your options in a personal meeting.

Could I switch my flat to a loft floor plan?

This depends very much on what flat you picked. To get a qualified response to your question, you would have to talk to our architects/structural engineers. Please get in touch with us to discuss your ideas in depth.

Could I merge two flats on top of each other into a single split-level flat?

It depends on the case at hand, and should be discussed with our architects/structural engineers. Please contact us to discuss your ideas in detail.

Could I repurpose a guest WC as store room or walk-in closet?

In principle, each case should be reviewed by the M&E planning engineer and the architect. Due to the technical installations, it will not be possible in every situation. If you wish to eliminate the room completely, e.g. in order to enlarge the room next door, you should also discuss it with the structural engineer because a load-bearing wall might be involved, and even a non-structural wall could contain load-bearing elements (uprights).

I would like to buy an even smaller flat. Is that possible?

Sorry, changing floor plans to shrink the size of a flat is not an option at the Pan&Co because doing so would have consequences for the other flats and common-part areas on the same floor. It would create unused floor space, which is something we seek to avoid.

Are non-load-bearing walls recognisable in the blue prints?

Yes. The non-load-bearing walls are generally easy to spot. Load-bearing walls will appear much thicker than non-load-bearing ones. When in doubt, just get in touch with us to make sure.

Could a half-wall divider between kitchen and living room be included in the plans?

Yes, it could. This sort of structure is done as dry construction. It can be carried out at no great cost as an add-on feature.

Each floor plan sent to me shows an eat-in kitchen. I would like to have a separate kitchen. Is that possible?

Yes, it is. It will not work with all floor plans, but with quite a number of them. Our proposal for such a partition is always marked by two thin lines in the floor plans. Please note that a decision in favour of a separate kitchen will incur additional costs over and above the purchase price, including the costs of the drywall, the wiring inside that wall and the added air extraction.

Is is possible to have a fitted kitchen built to my own plans delivered and installed early on?

For limitation of liability reasons, it is legally inadvisable to grant third-party service providers access to your flat for the purpose of installing fixtures before the flat has been accepted by you. Naturally, a kitchen builder may come in to take exact measurements as soon as the progress of development permits doing so. Your kitchen builder is very welcome to schedule an appointment with us toward this end.

Could windows be connected to create a larger window front?

Sorry, we are afraid not. Changing the exterior aspect of the building is not an option. This includes the windows. The houses were planned by the architectural firm so as to harmonise all elements with each other, down to the last detail, and thus to present a harmonious image inside and out. This is true even for the window sizes.